New Padel Court ULTRA 38.5

– Maximum strength.
– More powerful pillars.
– Special anchoring system…
This new padel court withstands winds of 38.5 m/s facing strong hurricanes

Portico sport

The Most Resistant Padel Court


Supporting winds of 38.5 m/s


Specialists Engineers

have manufactured a new padel courts, ULTRA 38.5, a higher padel court with the highest quality standards. It has been created about a calculation report on the verification of the wind pressure (v = 38.5 m/s) carried outd by prestigious calculists, Civil & Structural Engineers, in Europe and Australia.

This report has been performed according to Eurocode and Australian Code, AS4100 and AS1170, and confirms the strength, of the new padel court ULTRA 38.5 by Portico Sport,facing a wind speed of 38.5 m/s (138.6 km/h)

Documentation ULTRA 38.5


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